The Secret of Landing a Job Interview!

This is Part one of the secret of landing a job interview (the rest is up to you), the advice given holds true in any industry, or position you are qualified for. After 25 years of helping students obtain jobs. I can say that all my advice has been tested. hundreds of times, and works!   Obviously you should not apply for a job which you are not  fit for. Example, a bus company is looking for a bus driver with 10 years experience, and you never drove a bus. With that said, here is advice that will never fail you.  I am assuming you do not currently have a job, but if you do, you will still find tips to help yourself, and share with others.

Finding a job – Finding a job is as easy as going online.  Many employers (Including Myself) use Craigs List to find potential employee’s. I assume most have heard of Craigs List, but in case you have not, the site is, on the top right of there home page you will see “JOBS”.  Click on the category that best fits your job skills.  You can also use there search box on the left hand side.  Other Job sites are,, is interesting because they search the web for all jobs, and then post them on there site.  So they are a very good site which has jobs from all the major job sites.  You can also google “‘I am looking for a job as___________”.

Applying for a job – Most employers will have you download your cover letter and resume.  Some job sites have a resume builder, which will help you make a professional resume, and cover letter.  There are also many free sites were you can make a professional resume.  I will discuss more about resumes later.

Remember you are not the only one applying for the job. In my experience when I am looking for help, I may receive over a hundred resumes!  Before publishing this blog, I spoke to many of my friends and acquaintances who advertise for help on a regular basis, and they confirm the same.  So it is important that you stand out, below I will outline the simple and easy ways to stand out, and get the interview. The interview is your first step.

How to answer Job listings.

It starts with the subject line – When you and others respond to the job posting, your cover letter, and resume is forwarded to the employer who posted the job.  The employer receives the responses via there email account.  The response will look something like this Subject – Criags List 675849405 Medical Assistant Needed

This is your opportunity to change what the employer will see.  If you leave the subject line alone it will appear as above, but you have the opportunity to change it before it is sent.  Look at examples below.

Subject ******Please read my resume I am the perfect Medical Assistant.

Subject – I am an excellent Medical Assistant and would love to work for your company!

Subject – HARD WORKER I am ready to start right away

I am sure you will agree that you will get the attention of the doctor or person in charge of hiring the medical assistant.  This is the first step to landing your interview.  Next is the cover letter.

Cover letter – You should write your cover letter the same way you speak.  I am amazed that 95% of cover letters I receive is a copy and pasted cover letter, which has nothing to do with the job I posted.  Many times it is written on a PhD level, with large words that I need a dictionary to define.  Of course some jobs require this kind of cover letter, and there are plenty of people who write on a PhD level. Remember if your highest level of education is High School, then that is how your cover letter should be written. Write you cover letter from your heart and make it short and sweet.  If the company you are applying to gives it’s name, then check out there web site, and comment about it. More on cover letters in part two.

The paragraph that will land you the interview – This is my tip that will help you land the interview. In your cover letter write – I am a hard worker, and not a clock watcher.  I have no problem staying until the job is complete when needed.  To prove that I am the best worker you will find, I am willing to work as an extern for the first week without pay.  If your company has a policy which requires pay, I will happily work for minimum wage for the first week as a trial.  I give 100% percent of myself and once you see the way I work,  you will be convinced that I am perfect for the job.

Yes you read right, volunteer to work for free.  If you are out of work, then you have the time, and remember you want to stand out, and impress the employer.  The employer properly received over 50 resumes, and wants to find someone fast,  He is also reading the same copy and pasted resumes. I am sure he does not want to spend hours sifting through all the resumes.  Also remember the employer has the edge as he has plenty of resumes and you have no job.  Once you are working, and prove yourself – you will gain the edge.

Look at it this way – If you are a guy how many times have you taken a girl out you just met. You wined and dinned her and spend a substantial amount of money for the perfect date. You really like this girl and are hoping for a second date and maybe something long term.  Then the unimaginable happens, there is no second date!  All that work and money for nothing!

If your a girl, how many times were you excited about a guy, and your first date.  You did every thing you could to make yourself the perfect girl.  You bought a new outfit, had your hair fixed perfect, you look like a million dollars. , Then the unimaginable happens to you, no second date!

I used the dating scenario as an example, but there are many others situations we can relate to.  Invest in yourself, and give of yourself.  What does loosing a weeks pay mean, if you get hired?  In 90% of situations if the employer likes you, he will pay you for the week.  I have been giving this advice to my graduates fir over 25 years, and it works.

You can also think of it this way.  There are job agencies who will find you a job, but guess what, they will charge you a weeks pay!

In the next part of this blog I will talk about my two oldest employee’s who actual started by working for me without pay!  I will also talk more about the cover letter, resume and other job finding tips.

What do you think?  Leave your comments!

Want to land a job? Dress for success!

I remember my brother was 17 years old and going for his first job.  I think it was Rapid Messenger Company.  He left in tye dye jeans (A fad in the 70’s) a rock and roll tee shirt, and a bandana in his back pocket.

My mom stopped him and told my brother to get dressed like he was going to a wedding, if he wanted the job.  My mom continued to explain to my brother, that it is her generation that will be judging, and hiring him.  It was good advice because my brother landed the job!

Over 40 years later, there is still no better advice.  You can never OVER DRESS for an interview.  Men should wear suits, ties, and dress shoes.   Women should wear business cloth as well.  Let the employer tell you the dress code.

Do not have dress cloth?  Then go out and buy some.  There are discount stores, second hand stores, and many places were nice cloth can be obtained at a low cost.

Dress your best and look your best when you go for your job interview.  This will go along way to landing your job.

You Get What You Pay For, and Education Is No Different!

My mother (may she rest in peace) once told me “There is nothing more expensive than buying “CHEAP PAINT” Unfortunately, I did not listen to Mom’s advice and bought CHEAP PAINT anyway.

It was an expensive lesson, but a lesson learned.  I spent the weekend painting my apartment with the cheapest paint I could find.  Sadly, I found out that when the paint dried it did not look very good. Even after a third coat of paint, it still did not cover well, and the old paint showed through.

The following weekend I went to the local paint store and bought the best paint money could buy.  What a difference!  It covered in one coat and looked bold, bright, and brilliant. It was much easier to paint, as the paint was clearly thicker and higher quality.

It was an expensive lesson, in both money and time invested.  Needless to say, I should have listened to my mom! I will never make the mistake of buying CHEAP PAINT again.  I was young and thought that saving money was smart. I never bought paint before and figured, “paint is paint.”  Even though I was warned by my mom, I wrote her off as old-fashioned.

What does CHEAP PAINT have to do with education?  Actually a lot.  Painting takes time and effort.  It also takes a lot of time and effort to study for a new career. What student wants to spend time and effort going to school, only to find out that their cheap education, like CHEAP PAINT, fell short? Similar to CHEAP PAINT, a cheap education can be a waste of time

Often a student registers with us, after attending a Cheap School, needing to retake a class.  Some come to us after completing a limited amount of education, others come after finishing their entire Cheap School’s education program. It did not take the student long to realize that this inexpensive education, like CHEAP PAINT, was low quality, and/or did not produce the desired results.

When I look at Cheap Schools popping up, as well as many closing, I feel bad for the students. Unfortunately, unless you do your research, you will find out that just like CHEAP PAINT, there is a reason why schools offer shockingly Cheap prices.

Running a school correctly is very expensive.  I will not bore you with the details, but you can visit us anytime, and see are facility, supplies, instructors, and equipment.

The Manhattan Institute is an ultra-modern, beautiful, clean school. Students learn in a pristine comfortable learning environment.  Studies have shown that the learning environment helps the student learn more efficiently.

Be aware!!!  Just like CHEAP PAINT, there is a reason for the school’s cheap price. Our 25 years of teaching Allied Medical classes has given us the experience to know what it takes to prepare our students for the work force, and it is costly.

Yes, we could cut corners and charge less, but we will never sacrifice quality for price, because at the end just like CHEAP PAINT, Cheap Education ends in a waste of time and money.

We will let you decide!  Call us at 212-564-1234 to schedule an appointment to visit us. Talk to our Instructors, many who have been with us for over 10 years.  Take a tour so you can see our state-of-the art equipment  beautiful modern facility where we offer fairly priced high-quality education.

Have an opinion, let us know.