Want to land a job? Dress for success!

I remember my brother was 17 years old and going for his first job.  I think it was Rapid Messenger Company.  He left in tye dye jeans (A fad in the 70’s) a rock and roll tee shirt, and a bandana in his back pocket.

My mom stopped him and told my brother to get dressed like he was going to a wedding, if he wanted the job.  My mom continued to explain to my brother, that it is her generation that will be judging, and hiring him.  It was good advice because my brother landed the job!

Over 40 years later, there is still no better advice.  You can never OVER DRESS for an interview.  Men should wear suits, ties, and dress shoes.   Women should wear business cloth as well.  Let the employer tell you the dress code.

Do not have dress cloth?  Then go out and buy some.  There are discount stores, second hand stores, and many places were nice cloth can be obtained at a low cost.

Dress your best and look your best when you go for your job interview.  This will go along way to landing your job.